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Project activities

TechnoStartup MV

Projekt TechnoStartup MVThe project supports business founders and entrepreneurs in 5 locations in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern by offering advice in technology-based and knowledge-based sectors and tailor-made coaching according to the needs of 8 to 15 founders who should preferably be team founders.

The key item is to accompany and provide advice regarding business set-ups in technology-based areas.

Target groups for the project:

  • potential founders in Technology Centers
  • tenants in the Centres (for a limited time)
  • technology-oriented founders outside the Centers

International Projects

Internationale ProjekteAdditionally, we support enterprises to develop international markets for their own products and services. These are the tasks that the more developed enterprises have their own departments for, but smaller enterprises show a lack of capacity in.


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Enterprise Europe Network


As partner at Enterprise Europe Network TZW offers broad support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and universities in M-V in EU-matters, EU-programmes (also 7th EU frame programme) and regarding international cooperation.

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